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Kid's Summer Dream Workshop

June 5th-July 10th, 6 Tuesday sessions (10am-11:30am).

Cost $200.

Included with the cost are all supplies needed including journal, paints, clay, etc.

For kids ages 9-11, all genders.

We will explore dreams through symbols, journalling, expressive arts, and sharing in large and small groups.

Our goal is to help children explore their dream world in a playful and fun manner. Our dreams are a part of our unconscious mind, allowing us to work through challenges while we sleep. Sometimes the images can be confusing and scary. While this workshop will not solely focus on nightmares, they are a component to our dream world. We hope to help take the fear out of nightmares as we unpack the symbols and images.

The Workshop is hosted by Heather M. Bair, M.A. To learn more about Heather click here: About Heather.

In order for each child to meaningfully explore their dreams the group is limited to six participants.

To reserve your child's spot you can submit your request here: Contact Us or call 512-740-4621 or by email [email protected]

The workshop will be held in Old Town Lafayette at 308 E. Simpson St., Suite 100, 80026.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.